About iTunes

Name: iTunes
Price: Free
Version: 12.2.2
Author: Apple, Inc.
Category: Music & Audio
Package: itunes


The latest version of iTunes App ( was released on May 23, 2023. Here are some of the new features and improvements:

  • Improved Apple Music experience. The app now features a new Apple Music tab that makes it easier to browse and listen to your music.
  • New features for Podcasts. The app now includes a new features for Podcasts, including the ability to see what’s new in your subscriptions, and the ability to download episodes for offline listening.
  • Bug fixes. The app has been fixed a number of bugs, including issues with the store, the library, and the app’s stability.

Overall, the latest version of iTunes App is a significant improvement over previous versions. It has a new, more modern look, improved features, and more stability. If you’re a fan of the app, you’ll definitely want to update to the latest version.

iTunes is a software that enables you to listen to music and videos online. You are also free to download the media files you paid for. iTunes content can be downloaded straight from the iTunes store. It’s one of the most favorite ways of internet users to watch movies, TV shows, and different media files online. Another good thing is iTunes can be used in order to manage iOS phone or a device. The latest version has been redesigned and looks much better than the previous one.

iTunes also includes the Apple Music store which has more than 40 million songs from all categories. If you are a paid user, you won’t have to deal with annoying ads and pop-ups. Download iTunes from this page now and enjoy an ad-free music world.

iTunes is a free app featured on Apple Store for downloading. It is completely free and maintains a high rating among its users. We have conducted a little research around the web as to why iTunes is so popular among Apple users. Turns out, more than 60% of Apple users also have purchased a paid iTunes music or video at one point.

iTunes Main Features

● iCloud popularity. Every song or media file will appear in your cloud after you complete the purchase. You are also free to download these files to your Apple device. However, you have absolutely no reason to do that, since all files stored on iTunes are perfectly streamable.

● New version. This application has been redesigned for functionality purposes. You can now enjoy the 100% working version of iTunes along with all of its’ amazing features. This update included the modernization of the “recommended” section. From now on, the iTunes algorithm will work harder in order to recommend the most relevant data (songs, movies, TV shows, etc.).

● No more left bar. If you have been using iTunes for quite some time, you probably remember a bar that was placed on the left side of the app. iTunes team said that many people did not like using this bar and it’s now completely removed.


● Very easy to operate

● Playlist creation takes seconds

● Easy to stream and download media files


● File formats are limited

● Files are not compressed, thus, large file size

● Users cannot stream music and videos straight from the iTunes store


So, if you are a music lover and also own an iOS device, giving a shot to iTunes paid package would probably be worth your while. I don’t know what kind of music most Apple users like, but I have tried and find every song I wanted to download on the iTunes store. Also, I have skimmed through the library, and believe me, it is HUGE!

If you are convinced that the iTunes app is a tool you want to have in your pocket, there is the updated version available for download straight from this page. Just click the download button and get started. Believe me, you cannot go wrong with iTunes.