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Messenger Kids



Messenger Kids is an app developed and launched by Facebook. In all of its’ simplicity, Messenger Kids is the same application as the regular Messenger, but with additional safety features added. This application was launched recently and has grown considerably in popularity with both parents and the kids. The parents can now rest, knowing that their kids will not come across something a child should not see.


Messenger Kids were only launched in the United States as a beta version. However, the Facebook team said that they were adding 70 new countries to the supported list. Needless to say, all of the features will be included in the Messenger Kids version. We all know that the Corona situation is hard for everybody, especially the kids. Because of this, Facebook implemented a new feature in Messenger Kids, which allows children to add more contacts and friends. However, this will be done strictly under parent supervision.

There are three main features that differentiate Messenger Kids from the original app. The first one is called Supervised Friending and it allows parents to turn on the option of friending people for their kids. The second one allows parents to accept/reject Facebook requests from other accounts. The third one, which is only available for the USA and Canada, lets the parents make their kid’s profile picture visible to a targeted group of people.

Why Do Kids Like “Messenger Kids”?

● Fun emojis, smileys, GIFS, and animated pictures are included in this version of Messenger. Kids love to explore new libraries of different icons and share them with each other under the parents’ supervision.

● Children now can call each other one on one. In order to make the COVID-19 situation easier for kids, there have been mask functions added to this version of Messenger.

● Kids are able to decorate their pictures, record short videos, crop images from video calls, and so forth.

● It Does Work With Messenger

● In order to be able to chat with their kids, parents don’t need to install a Kids version of Messenger.

● Messenger Kids works on every mobile phone (as long as it is supported by Facebook).

● No need for a phone number. WiFi does the job just fine.

Why is This Version Safer For Kids?

● Facebook does not require kids to create an account on Facebook in order to sign up for Messenger Kids.

● Only the parents are able to create Messenger Kids accounts for their children.

● The kids are given an option to report a piece of content if they see it as inappropriate. If the content is reported, the parents have the option of reviewing it before finally sending it to Facebook.


If you are a Messenger or a Facebook lover and think it would be good for your kid to have it too, go ahead and create a separate account. Remember, it is not required to sign up on Facebook in order to create an independent Messenger Kids account for your child.