About mySA GOV

Name: mySA GOV
Price: mySA GOV
Version: 1.7.3
Author: State Government of South Australia
Category: tools


Here are some of the new features and improvements in the latest version of the mySA GOV app (version 3.1.2), which was released on July 20, 2023:

  • New **Digital Licences: The app now includes a new Digital Licences feature that allows you to view and store your digital driver’s licence and vehicle registration certificate.
  • Improved **Payments: The app’s payments features have been improved, making it easier to pay for government services. You can now pay for services using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
  • New **Notifications: The app now includes a new notifications feature that allows you to receive notifications about your government services. You can choose to receive notifications when your licence expires, when your registration is due, and when there are changes to your account.

The Essential Features of the mySA GOV App: Your Convenient and Safe Digital Pass and Licence Provider

The mySA GOV app offers a reliable and secure digital solution for South Australian residents to carry their government-issued passes and licenses. This app enables users to validate their digital pass or license, confirming its validity with businesses and organisations that require a government issued pass, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and misuse. Furthermore, the app also offers the COVID-19 Safe Check-in feature, allowing you to securely check-in to supporting venues for contact tracing.

The Advantages of the mySA GOV App

One of the most significant benefits of the mySA GOV app is the convenience it provides. Users can easily access their digital license or pass, eliminating the need to carry a physical copy. The app also provides an efficient process for license renewals, reducing wait time, and making it easier to manage your credentials. Additionally, the app contributes to a safer environment as it supports contact tracing processes, allowing businesses to comply with public health regulations, and safeguarding the general public.

The Drawbacks of the mySA GOV App

Although the mySA GOV app provides significant benefits, users must keep in mind that the app requires an internet connection for proper use. Thus, in case of network interruption or other connectivity issues, users may have trouble accessing their digital passes or licenses. Furthermore, as the app becomes more widely accepted, some establishments may not have the required infrastructure to validate digital passes or licences, meaning occasional problems.

How to use the mySA GOV App

To use the mySA GOV app, first, you need to create an account. Visit the website to set up your account, which will then provide access to your digital licenses and passes. After installation on your device, you can enter your login credentials to open the app, allowing you to obtain and utilise your digital pass or license. You can introduce your digital pass for scanning via the "digital wallet" button on the app’s homepage.

mySA GOV App Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How safe is the mySA GOV app?

    A: The mySA GOV app is safe and secure. It incorporates industry-grade encryption technology and adds secure authentication functionality within the app to protect users' credentials.

  • Q: Will all organisations accept a digital pass or license?

    A: Although more businesses are accepting digital licences and passes, some establishments may not have the required infrastructure to accommodate the app just yet. So keep your paper copies of your license or your pass with you.

  • Q: Can I access any other digital pass or licence via mySA GOV app?

    A: Yes, you can access multiple passes and licenses via the mySA GOV app, such as driver’s licenses and recreational boat permits, among others.


In conclusion, the mySA GOV app provides an efficient, secure and convenient way of carrying and validating your government-issued passes and licenses. You can quickly access and manage your licenses and passes within the app, which can help save time and reduce wait times. Although there may be some limitations due to acceptance issues, the app's usefulness and many features can still benefit a great number of users. For more information, visit