About TurboTax

Name: TurboTax
Price: TurboTax
Version: 3.1.2
Author: Intuit Canada ULC
Category: finance
Package: ca.intuit.tto.mobile


The latest version of the TurboTax app was released on April 28, 2023. Here are some of the new features:

  • Enhanced mobile experience: The app has been redesigned with a new, more modern look and feel. The user interface is now more streamlined and easier to use.
  • Improved accuracy: The app now includes a number of new features that help to ensure the accuracy of your tax return. These features include a new Smart Look-Up tool that helps you find the right deductions and credits, and a new Review tool that helps you catch any errors before you file your return.
  • New features: The app now includes a number of new features, such as the ability to import your W-2s and 1099s directly from your employer or financial institution, and the ability to file your taxes for free if you meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: The app has also been updated with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. These fixes and improvements should make the app more stable and reliable.

Introducing TurboTax: The Easy Way to File Your Taxes

Features of this App

TurboTax is a mobile app that makes it easy for Canadians to file their 2020 taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. With TurboTax, users can set up their profile, enter their tax information, and securely file their taxes from anywhere using their Android phone or tablet. The app is ideal for individuals and businesses of all types, including self-employment.


There are many benefits to using TurboTax. The app makes it easy to report changes to your tax situation such as getting married, having a baby, or buying a home. It also has an "Auto-fill my return" feature that allows you to import your CRA tax data directly, saving you time and effort. Additionally, TurboTax automatically searches for over 400+ tax deductions and credits, ensuring that you get the maximum refund possible.


While there are many benefits to using TurboTax, there are some downsides to the app as well. For instance, some users may find the app to be a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of features and options available. Additionally, there may be some users who prefer to file their taxes manually or with the help of an accountant, which means that TurboTax may not be the right choice for everyone.

How to Use This App

Using TurboTax is easy. Simply download the app onto your Android device and begin setting up your user profile. Once you've entered your tax information, you can begin searching for credits and deductions that you may qualify for. The app provides simple, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, and it's easy to submit your taxes to the CRA securely. You can even use the "MyDocs" feature to take photos of your tax documents and store them on your device for tax time.


Q: Is TurboTax free to use? A: TurboTax offers both a free version and paid versions of the app. The free version is 100% free, while the paid versions are Standard, Premier, or Self-Employed, and you only pay when you file with TurboTax. Q: Can I file my taxes from anywhere using TurboTax? A: Yes, with TurboTax, you can file your taxes from anywhere using your Android phone or tablet. Q: How long does it take to receive my tax refund when I file with TurboTax? A: Users who file with TurboTax can receive their tax refund in as few as 8 days with NETFILE. In conclusion, TurboTax is an efficient, user-friendly app that is ideal for anyone looking to file their taxes with minimal hassle. With a host of impressive features, including "Auto-fill my return" and up-to-date credits and deductions, TurboTax ensures that users get the maximum refund possible. While there may be some downsides to the app, such as its complexity, the benefits outweigh the cons, making TurboTax a great choice for Canadians looking to file their taxes quickly and accurately.