AVG Cleaner

About AVG Cleaner

Name: AVG Cleaner
Price: AVG Cleaner
Version: 5.4.1
Author: AVG Mobile
Category: productivity
Package: com.avg.cleaner


Here are some additional details about the new features in the latest version of the AVG Cleaner App:

  • New feature: Battery Saver: The Battery Saver is a new feature that helps you save battery life by identifying and disabling apps that are draining your battery. The Battery Saver will automatically disable apps that are not in use, and it will also allow you to manually disable apps that you know are draining your battery.
  • Improved Junk Cleaner: The Junk Cleaner has been improved to remove even more junk files from your device. The Junk Cleaner now removes more types of junk files, including temporary files, cache files, and log files. It also removes more junk files from apps, such as unused data and residual files.
  • New feature: App Manager: The App Manager is a new feature that helps you manage your apps by uninstalling unused apps, disabling bloatware, and granting permissions to apps. The App Manager will show you a list of all the apps installed on your device, and it will allow you to uninstall apps that you no longer use. It will also allow you to disable bloatware, which are apps that are pre-installed on your device and that you cannot uninstall. The App Manager will also allow you to grant permissions to apps, which is important for ensuring that apps only have the permissions that they need to run.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: A number of bugs have been fixed in this version, including a bug that prevented the app from working properly in some devices. Performance has also been improved, making the app faster and more responsive.

AVG Cleaner: Your All-in-One Smart Android Device Manager and Optimization Tool

If you're looking for a one-stop solution for all your Android phone cleaning and optimization needs, AVG Cleaner got you covered. This innovative mobile app comes fully packed with a wide range of advanced features designed to help you enhance your mobile device's performance, free up space, and extend your battery life. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features of this app, its pros and cons, how to use the app, and some FAQs you might want to know about the app.

Features of AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner stands out from the competition due to its exceptional range of features. The app integrates various tools such as an app manager, memory booster, battery saver, and junk cleaner, among others. The app guarantees to:

  • Free up space- Remove junk files, uninstall applications, and get rid of bad or unwanted photos and videos
  • Boost performance- Use the Cleaner to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device (RAM Cleaner and memory booster)
  • Get longer battery life- Cleaner's battery saving feature can help optimize your device's battery life by suspending background apps to save battery and mobile data


AVG Cleaner has many advantages that can attract you to use the app. Some of the pros of this app include -

  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely free
  • Advanced app remover and app manager
  • Boosts device performance and RAM
  • Helps extend your device's battery life
  • Clean junk files, cache and app data easily
  • Can easily identify bad quality or duplicate photos and videos


Like every mobile app, AVG Cleaner also has some drawbacks. Some of the cons that you may encounter while using this app are -

  • Contains ads that can be distracting sometimes
  • The app suggests purchasing an additional AVG Cleaner Pro version frequently
  • Cleans files you may need, so be aware of what you are deleting

How to use AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is easy to use, even for first-time users. Follow these steps to use AVG Cleaner on your Android device:

  • Download AVG Cleaner from the Google Play Store.
  • Install and open the app on your Android device.
  • Tap the various tools to scan your device for junk files, duplicates, and bad quality photos and videos.
  • Remove any unwanted files or photos and videos
  • Tap the Cleaner's RAM Booster feature to improve device performance.
  • Use the Battery Saver feature to extend your phone's battery life.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AVG Cleaner:

Q. Can AVG Cleaner damage my device?

No, AVG Cleaner is completely safe to use on your Android device. The app is designed to help you manage and optimize your device without causing any harm to your device.

Q. Does AVG Cleaner work on all versions of Android?

Yes, AVG Cleaner is compatible with most Android versions: Android 5.0 or higher is required for the app to work efficiently.

Q. How frequently should I use AVG Cleaner?

You may use AVG Cleaner as often as you want, or anytime your device's performance is degraded. The app ensures your device runs smoothly all the time.

In conclusion

AVG Cleaner is an efficient, user-friendly app designed to help you keep your Android device optimized and running smoothly. The app's features, pros, cons, and easy-to-use interface make it an excellent option for anyone looking to make their device clean, speedy, and responsive. Install AVG Cleaner for free from the Google Play Store and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, faster device today!