Google Play Services

About Google Play Services

Name: Google Play Services
Price: Free
Version: 20.30.19(100400-326531024)
Author: Google LLC
Category: Tools


Here are some of the new features in the latest version of the Google Play Services App:

  • Improved security: Google Play Services now includes a number of new security features, such as app attestation and device verification. These features help to protect your device from malware and other security threats.
  • New features for developers: Google Play Services now includes a number of new features for developers, such as support for Nearby Messages and ARCore. These features can help developers create more engaging and immersive apps.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: The latest version of the app also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. These fixes address a number of issues that have been reported by users, such as problems with the app’s interface, the way it handles data, and other minor bugs. This makes the app more stable and reliable, reducing the chances of crashes or other issues.

Overall, the latest version of the Google Play Services App is a significant improvement over the previous version. The new features and improvements make it a more comprehensive and user-friendly app.

With Google Play Services you can get the latest versions of applications and games, and all of this without having the need to update your Android device to the last version every few months. Google Play, Gmail, Google+ and similar Google apps are all supported. Sadly, we cannot say the same for other apps manufactured by different providers. Google is very strict when it becomes to its’ support policy.

Google Play Services is an unusual app. Sure, you have it installed on your phone, but try opening it. Did something happen? – I don’t think so. This is because Google Play is not a front-functioning app by itself.

The only thing Google Play does is provide access to all the applications and games you’re using on a daily basis. This app comes pre-installed with all of the Android devices. If you are an Apple or a Windows user, you might want to search for something similar in your provider’s app store.

Google Play Services is a free app that’s available for updates on Google Play Store. We can say for sure that this app is irreplaceable because Google does have a second app similar to this. If you are using an older version of Android, quickly head over to Google App Store and update it to the last version.

More About Google Play Services

As we already mentioned, Google Play does not run or show itself on the phone screen. Rather, it’s a back-end application that’s closely linked to the Android system itself and provides access to the apps you’re using.

Only Android users who have a version of 2.3 or higher can enjoy the full features of this application. However, it requires specific sets of permissions in order to access your SMS, Location, GPS, etc. Upon installing the new version of Android, or switching to a new phone, Google will ask you for permission to use some of your sensitive data, to which, of course, you must say “yes”.

The Advantages of Using Google Play Service

● Whenever an application on your phone requires an update, you should do it, correct? Did you know that in the past you could not update the app without updating the whole operating system? Well, this is not the case anymore. That’s what Google Play does – let you update numerous apps without updating the Android version.

● The core functionality of Google services comes from Google Play. In order to fully use Google applications, you must have the latest Google Play installed on your Android device. Without it, no Google app can work.

● Google Play Services also includes a recommended category. This means that the system itself studies your search history and recommends the best apps/games you might like.


Now that we’re certain that every Android user needs to have the latest version of Google Play Services, let’s hop on to the Google Play Store and see if we are using the version lately provided by Google.