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About App Hider

Name: App Hider
Price: App Hider
Version: 2.4.2_9e2cbca7
Author: Hide Apps (NO ROOT)
Category: personalization


Here are some of the new features introduced to the latest version of the App Hider app:

  • New look and feel: The app has been updated with a new, more modern look and feel. The user interface is now more streamlined and easier to use.
  • New features: The app now includes a number of new features, such as the ability to hide apps from the launcher, create custom icons, and lock hidden apps.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: The app has also been updated with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. These fixes and improvements should make the app more stable and reliable.

Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Hiding Apps: App Hider

There are some apps that we don't want others to see inside our phones, and this is where App Hider comes in. App Hider is the ultimate solution for those who want to hide their apps in their phone, especially WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. This amazing app comes with some extraordinary features to protect your privacy, not just apps, but pictures and videos too.

Features of App Hider

App Hider is the exceptional app cloner that allows users to access multiple accounts using the same device. It provides specified security to social apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger as well as Telegram. It clones different apps in App Hider without even getting installed merely on a user's device. Apart from its major features, App Hider comes with additional hide features such as hide photos, videos, and even itself. By turning itself into a calculator, it suggests a vault-like feature for hiding anything. Additionally, by converting the application into a calculator, it provides ultimate protection of one’s privacy.

Pros of App Hider

The pros of App Hider are numerous. It provides a highly secure and exceptional privacy shield to users on the Android platform, which can hide apps, images, or videos in a single, solitary location. Through one-click, the application makes the process of securing privacy straightforward and feasible. Apart from securing privacy for apps, App Hider also adds an additional layer of protection for incoming messages, hide photos and videos, and even hide itself. With App Hider, users can access different social media accounts in the same device using App Hider's clone feature.

Cons of App Hider

The development of App Hider software may lead to the application conflicts of some features with certain devices. Not all apps can be cloned into App Hider. Plus, for some users on a 64-bit device, one must install a peripheral support library for the app’s functionality.

How to Use App Hider

The initial set up of App Hider is quite easy. To hide any app, import the app into App Hider and then uninstall it from the home screen of the device while launching the cloned app in App Hider. Users can simply enter their password to convert App Hider into a Calculator tool, and then open the Calculator to reveal and access App Hider’s Home.


Why are notifications from hidden or dual WhatsApp appearing? Users can turn off notification for the hidden app by toggling the option within the setting. Is it possible to hide App Hider itself? Tap Protect App Hider in-app to set up a user password, and then wait for several minutes before App Hider turns into a Calculator. By opening the Calculator app and entering the password, App Hider will reappear.


App Hider offers a valuable and innovative solution, especially for users concerned about privacy on social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram. The clone feature enables users to have multiple accounts, and its primary features enable users to secure apps, hide photos or videos, and protected them by transforming into a Calculator vault. App Hider is an exceptional app to safely store data for those who are security-conscious.