About Themepack

Name: Themepack
Price: Themepack
Author: YoloTech
Category: personalization
Package: com.iconchanger.widget.theme.shortcut


Here are some new features that are available in the latest version of the Themepack App:

  • New icon packs: Themepack has added a new collection of icon packs, including the Pixel Icon Pack, the Material Icon Pack, and the Minimal Icon Pack. These icon packs are designed to give your phone a new look and feel.
  • New live wallpapers: Themepack has also added a new collection of live wallpapers, including the Aurora Live Wallpaper, the Forest Live Wallpaper, and the Ocean Live Wallpaper. These live wallpapers are designed to add a touch of beauty and dynamism to your phone’s home screen.
  • New widgets: Themepack has also added a new collection of widgets, including the Clock Widget, the Weather Widget, and the Music Widget. These widgets are designed to give you quick access to the information you need, such as the time, the weather, and your music library.
  • New user interface: Themepack has also updated its user interface, making it easier to use and navigate. The new user interface is more streamlined and easier to understand.
  • Bug fixes: The app has been fixed to address some minor bugs. These bugs were causing the app to crash, so they’re now fixed.

The app is still under development, and the developer is working on adding new features and improving the overall user experience.

Introducing Themepack - App Icons, Widgets

If you're looking for a way to make your phone's home screen feel more personal, Themepack - App Icons, Widgets is the app for you. This multifunctional tool brings together an impressive icon pack changer and various bespoke home screen widgets. It allows you to have full control over your phone's appearance, quickly transforming your icons and widgets in just a few simple clicks.

Features of This App

With Themepack - App Icons, Widgets, you can find a vast selection of various widgets, themes, wallpapers, and icons available online. Its fast update speed and stylish design of the icons and widgets will leave you impressed. The app brings you several aesthetic experiences to choose from, and it is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with this type of app. Furthermore, it offers a one-click replacement feature that helps you to save time and energy. The incredible search feature helps you filter out the widgets and icons you do not want, and the powerful database provides vast options.


Perhaps the most significant advantage of Themepack - App Icons, Widgets is its ability to make your phone's home screen feel more personalized. The app has unique designs that keep things fresh and gives your phone new life every time you use it. Moreover, it is easy to use with a fast and user-friendly interface. The one-click addition feature saves time and energy for the users. You can choose between various aesthetic experiences that fit your preferences, and the app offers you an integrated service varying from themes to icons to widgets.


Every app has its downsides, and Themepack - App Icons, Widgets is no exception. Some users might find the widgets and themes a bit lacking in selection, although the app has a pretty extensive library of them. Also, after some time of use, the app may get slow and unresponsive at times, commonly encountered in larger apps.

How to Use This App

Using Themepack - App Icons, Widgets is simple and straightforward, even for those unfamiliar with it. First, download the app and open it. From there, you can choose from the various options available, including icons, themes, and widgets. Choose what you like by selecting it with a simple click; the app then immediately replaces the existing designs.


Q: What should I do if there is a problem with Themepack - App Icons, Widgets?

A: Themepack - App Icons, Widgets has a customer service team available to address any operational problems. To resolve the issue, send an email to their support team at [email protected] providing details of the problem.

Q: Does Themepack - App Icons, Widgets work with any phone models?

A: Yes, the app is compatible with most Android and iOS phone models.


Themepack - App Icons, Widgets is an excellent app for anyone looking to transform the look of the phone's home screen. Its vast selection of various widgets, themes, wallpapers, and icons is impressive, and its one-click replacement feature saves users time and effort.

The app's unique designs and fast update speed are its strongest points, and it is undoubtedly worth checking out if you're looking for a way to make your phone more personal. Though it has its shortcomings, Themepack - App Icons, Widgets still ranks among the best icon pack changer and both compatible with iOS and Android phones.