About Zedge

Name: Zedge
Price: Free
Version: 5.74.4
Author: Zedge
Category: Personalization
Package: net.zedge.android


The latest version of the Zedge app (version 4.41.0) was released on July 21, 2023. Here are some of the new features and improvements in this version:

  • New Features:
    • NFT Wallpapers: You can now download NFT wallpapers from Zedge.
    • Live Wallpapers: You can now download live wallpapers from Zedge.
    • Wallpaper Carousel: You can now create a wallpaper carousel to cycle through different wallpapers.
  • Improvements:
    • Performance: The app has been optimized for better performance.
    • UI/UX: The user interface has been improved for a better user experience.
    • Bug Fixes: A number of bugs have been fixed in this version.

Overall, this is a solid update that adds some new features and improvements to the Zedge app. If you’re a regular user of the app, I recommend checking it out.

The app has a new feature that allows you to pick favorites and connect to them using Facebook Connect. No more worrying about lost data, all of your media will be stored safely if you are going to switch to a new mobile phone.


● Zedge is an app that lets you personalize everything. From pictures and wallpapers to music and ringtones. Do you need to customize anything? Name it, Zedge can do it all. Your phone is going to be your exact reflection once you're done customizing every detail.

● Not to sound surprised, but Zedge is now the most popular app for saving free pictures and wallpapers. Another good thing - Zedge always offers top-notch quality files to its users.

● Before downloading, please note that you will need to allow Zedge access your internet bandwidth as well as your private information. However, Zedge's TOS says that they are not storing or using any of the information.

● Zedge is now downloaded by 350 million active users.

● Zedge has top-notch quality pictures and backgrounds.

● Zedge Premium will allow you to download files from popular artists like G-Eazy, Niki Minaj, etc.


● HD Wallpapers: limitless supply of nicely designed wallpapers and pictures for any niche.

● Wallpapers Gone Live:No more draining your phone battery needlessly.

● Ringtones: There are hundreds of categories and artists to choose from.

● The ability to set specific ringtones for each of your phone contacts.

● Cartoon, People, Nature, etc. Zedge covers all topics.

● You can set the settings in a way that the Zedge app will automatically change your wallpapers from time to time.

● Games: Zedge offers a wide variety of games. No more downloading. Just pick a game and play within the app.

Most people are wondering how they can set wallpaper on their iOS devices. It's quite an easy process, just follow the steps below.

● Open your phone screen and choose Settings.

● Go to Brightness and Wallpapers and choose Wallpaper separately.

● Tap and browse the Zedge media and choose your favorite wallpaper.

● Tap once on the screen until Zedge lets you choose how you want to set your wallpaper.


● Thousands of pictures and wallpapers. Most of them are free to use.

● Customized media for your browsing pleasure.

● Thousands of ringtones, free and paid.

● The ability to switch wallpapers from time to time automatically.

● Lots of categories with awesome pictures and wallpapers.

● The Zedge app does not require a lot of internet bandwidth.

● No more worrying about lost data. It is already stored in the Zedge cloud.


● Not everything is free, some of the wallpapers, pictures, and ringtones are paid for.

● Minor bugs here and there.


If you wish to download an app that lets you do everything from choosing a ringtone to customizing phone wallpapers, Zedge is your best bet. The Zedge app has more than 800,000 user reviews and maintains a high-level score of 4.5 on the Google Play Store.